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5 Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar
Theoretical and Observational Cosmology – UISS-2016

September 19 - 30, 2016, ULSPU, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Russian Gravitational Society
Ilya Ulyanov State Pedagogical University

Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS; Peoples' Friendship University of Russia; Russian Foundation of Basic Research

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Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University

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Please note the UISS 2016 proceedings.

UISS 2016 Photos are aviliable for download (9.6 Gb)

Dear colleagues,

The organizing committee reminds you that the 5th Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar on Theoretical and Observational Cosmology ­­­– UISS-2016 is to be held in Ulyanovsk at Ilya Ulyanov State Pedagogical University, on 19 –30 September, 2016.


The School-seminar will be divided for two parts (periods):

I. Scientific school for students, post-graduate students, PhD students and young scientists in the age till 35 years, who obtain new scientific results personally or with coauthor(s).
19 September – arrival day; 20-24 September – lectures sessions.


II. Scientific seminar on modified gravity and cosmology, physical basis of cosmology, relativistic astrophysics and gravitational experiments. Participants of Scientific school are cardinally invited to extend their visit for Scientific seminar.

25 September – arrival day; 26-29 September – seminar’s session; 30 September – departure day.

On-line registration is continuing on the School-seminar site http://uiss2016.ru.


Abstracts (no more than 2 theses of reports from each participant, where he is a speaker) are to be e-mailed to the scientific secretary A.V. Nikolaev ([email protected]) and a copy – to the School-seminar e-mail ().

Abstracts (each Abstract does not more than 2 pages) are to be prepared in LaTeX2e. The document class is article; parameters of the page – A4 page; font size 12pt; the text margins are: left = 3 cm, right = 1.5 cm, top = bottom = 2 cm. Please do not use your own macros while creating the document. (Abstracts are in any other formats or sent by fax or post will not be accepted.)

Please indicate the section you have chosen.

A. GR and modified gravity.
Chairs: D.V. Galtsov (),   V. N. Melnikov (),
             S.D. Odintsov ( )

B. Theoretical and observational cosmology.

Chairs: S.V. Chervon (), V.N. Lukash (), A.A. Starobinsky ()  

C. Relativistic astrophysics and gravitational experiments. Chairs: G.S. Bisnovaty-Kogan (), Dolgov A.D. (),  V.N. Rudenko ()

Deadline for submitting abstracts and registration: July 11, 2016. Earlier registration and abstracts submission are strongly advised.

Working languages are Russian and English

Preliminary Scientific school program contains

Lecture courses:

Frolov B.N. On foundation of the Weyl–Dirac theory of gravitation

Beesham A. Viscous cosmology

Bronnikov K.A. Black holes and wormholes in GR

Chervon S.V. Chiral cosmological models: Dark sector fields

Maharaj S.D. Exact solutions with symmetries in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity

Melnikov V.N. Model Systems of Fields in the Theory of Gravitation and Cosmology and Fundamental Constants

Ray S.  Neutron stars in modified gravity

Starobinsky A.A. Smooth behaviour and fine structure of the simplest phenomenological inflationary models

Sushkov S.V.   Cosmological models with non-minimal kinetic coupling

Unnikrishnan  C.S. Gravitational waves

Yefremov A.P.  Hyper complex numbers as a habitat of physics

Ivashchuk V. D. Stable exponential cosmological solutions in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet model

Schedule of the Scientific school

20-24 of September

08:45-10:20  1-st Lecture

10:30-12:05  2-nd Lecture

12:05-14:20  Rest and Lunch

14:20-15:55  3-nd Lecture

Scientific seminar’s Proceedings

Following the School-seminar, on the basis of expert evaluation of materials submitted for publication, articles will be published in the international scientific journal of the Russian Gravitational Society "Gravitation and Cosmology ", distributed worldwide by Springer Publishing.

Registration fees

Registration fees for foreign participants are:

25 USD for participants of the Scientific school (included participation of the Scientific seminar).

100 USD for participants of the Scientific seminar.

Payment of registration fee is available at registration on arrival to the School-seminar.

The registration fees for the participants from Russia and from CIS (see info in the 3-d information letter in Russian)


Accommodation is possible in hotels of the city and in the hostel of the Pedagogical University. The cost of accommodation at the moment is:

Hotels in Ulyanovsk:  20-100 USD/day (Single and Double rooms are available) 


Lunch will be available at the university’s canteen from 13:00 to 14:00.

Complex lunch cost is 150 rubles.

There are few cafes and restaurants in the working distance close to the venue of the School-seminar. The average cost of the lunch 350 rubles.   


To apply for a visa, it is enough to be invited as a tourist to Russia. For this purpose, you may choose you apartment in the hotel you wish to stay and send this information to Touristic firm “DailyMedService”  ( and ) and to the UISS 2016 post

Tours of the city of Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk region: Undory, Yazykovo, Prislonikha; Visits to nearest towns: Kazan, Samara, Bolgary, Cheboksary. Short pleasure boat trips on the Volga River.

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